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Home Rehab And Repair Tips To Help You Manage The Project

by Milton Myers

Whether you are considering buying a home that needs some work or you already own a home that needs maintenance repair work, it is important to make sure you plan out the work to get it completed within your budget. Otherwise, you may end up not being able to complete the work in your home and have to live with the existing damage, or you will need to pass on the home as a potential purchase. Here are some recommendations to help you manage a home rehab and repair project.

Determine a Project Plan

Begin your rehab project by looking at all the projects you want to complete and deciding if any of them are more essential and necessary compared to others. This will help you to handle multiple rehab projects, especially if you have a limited budget. For example, a home you are considering purchasing has signs of a damaged foundation with cracks and shifting along the foundation walls. The same home also has leaks in the roof and needs a new gutter installed. 

In this scenario, you should get a professional to inspect the foundation to see what work it needs and get an estimate of the cost. A home's foundation is an essential part of the home and supports the exterior and structural walls, including support walls, and needs to be in good repair for the home to be habitable. 

In your own home, a foundation repair is essential for you to continue living in the home and may be more important than hiring a roof replacement. You may be able to focus on the foundation and complete DIY repairs to keep your home interior dry in the meantime.

Seek Professional Estimates

After you decide which repairs in the home you want to focus on first, you can get some foundation estimates. Because a foundation can have a big impact on a home's structure, you may need to consult a structural engineer in addition to hiring a foundation specialist. You might have noticed a sloped floor and cracks forming around the home's doors and windows.

The foundation specialist will look at the home's damage and determine a recommended repair plan. For example, if the foundation is sinking, they will recommend installing steel foundation piers to readjust the foundation to its proper position. They may also recommend replacing the foundation soil beneath and on the sides of your foundation. During this process your foundation professional will drive the pier beneath the foundation using hydraulics. This will support and correct the sinking and prevent further damage.

Be sure you get more than one professional estimate before you hire the foundation repair contractors. This will ensure you get a complete repair and an accurate estimate. You don't want to hire the lowest bid on the work and find out it is insufficient months or years later.