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3 Major Renovations To Revitalize Your Home

by Milton Myers

If you like the location of your home but you'd like to make changes, consider hiring contractors to renovate. Major renovations can be pricey, but they're often a cheaper alternative to moving entirely. Here are three renovations that can make your house seem brand new:

1. Build additional rooms onto your home.

If your home sits on a large lot, you can always build additional rooms onto your house to give yourself and your family more space. Even if you don't have a large lot, you can still renovate by constructing an additional level on top of your home. Depending on the method of building you choose, you may need to stay in a hotel during construction. If you have a large home, you may be able to utilize part of it while contractors build, but the construction process will likely be noisy and dirty, so you may want to stay elsewhere anyway.

2. Install a central temperature control system.

Central heating and central air can make your house perfectly comfortable from January through December. However, both these temperature control systems require ducts to function. These ducts are usually hidden within your walls and ceiling in order to provide conditioned air without disrupting the aesthetics of your house. Some older homes don't have the types of ducts required to facilitate central heat and cooling.

If this describes your house, you can still take advantage of climate control. You simply need to hire a contractor to build ducts within your walls. This is easier to do in homes with drywall interiors, but it can also be done if you live in a home constructed of concrete. If your walls are made of concrete, a core drilling service can make the openings you need to run HVAC ducts inside your walls.

3. Create an extra bathroom.

An extra bathroom can put an end to your mornings of fighting for bathroom time. Never wait to use the toilet again. This renovation is especially useful in households with multiple kids and only a single bathroom. Creating a new bathroom is more complicated than simply building an extra bedroom because you'll have to install sewage lines and pipes to carry fresh water. You may need to tunnel under your house to connect your new bathroom's toilet and drains to your septic tank. Once again, a core drilling service can help you. Core drills not only drill vertically into walls but can also drill horizontally into the foundation of your home.