Give Yourself a Beautiful Driveway With Stamped Concrete

Reasons To Put Polished Concrete Floors In Your Shop

by Milton Myers

If your shop needs new flooring, you might want to think about having polished concrete floors put it. They are durable and long lasting, which makes them perfect for a store that gets a lot of foot traffic. Polished concrete has other benefits that make it a good match for commercial concrete use. Here's a look at some of them.

Polished Concrete Reflects Light

Polished concrete has a shiny surface that reflects light. This can brighten your shop and maybe even reduce the number of overhead lights you need to keep the space well-lit. A bright shop presents your products in the best way so customers can see true colors and details. Plus, a bright and shiny floor looks cleaner and makes your shop look like it is maintained well.

Polished Concrete Is Easy To Maintain

Your staff won't have to do much to keep polished concrete floors clean. They resist stains, so there is no reason to panic if a customer drops food or a drink on the floor. Messes are easy to clean up and stains can be prevented by cleaning them up as soon as possible, which you want to do for customer safety anyway. Polished concrete holds onto its shiny surface, so it never needs to be waxed.

All that's needed is to wet mop or dust mop the floors daily. Keeping grit off the floor is important for protecting the surface. If you have a large floor, it can be cleaned with a buffing machine using a soft pad. When the floor loses its luster the buffing machine can be used to burnish the concrete and make it look like new. Although polished concrete floors aren't maintenance free, they require less maintenance than some other types of flooring you may be considering.

Polished Concrete Takes On Many Looks

Polished concrete can take on a variety of looks, so you'll find the perfect match for the décor or theme of your store. Color can be added along with patterns to create an artistic look or you can mimic the look of expensive marble flooring at a more affordable price. Polished concrete can give your store an upscale appearance. It looks more like expensive stone than concrete. Plus, the process of polishing the concrete gives it traction so the floors are slip resistant, which is an added benefit for your customers.

If the concrete is already in place in your building, then polishing can be done with little disruption. You'll be able to walk on the floors right away so there will be no long downtime needed for your shop.