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How to Patch Asphalt Cracks

by Milton Myers

If you have a asphalt on your property, you probably have a few cracks you want to deal with. You may be surprised how easy it is to fill asphalt cracks. Some people mistakenly think that is going to be a messy and complicated process. In reality, pouring asphalt is difficult, but patching it is very simple to repair small cracks. This article shows the easiest way to patch asphalt using premixed, cold formula patching materials.

Using Cold Formula Patch

Cold formula asphalt patch is convenient, easy to apply, and found at just about any home improvement store. It usually comes in large tubs that are better for bigger jobs, but you can also find caulk tubes that are perfect for small, narrow cracks. Caulk tubes allow you to get the patch deep into the crack without creating a big mess. Cold formula patch can be applied at any temperature.

Prepping and Filling Holes Under the Cracks

Before you apply the patch, you need to do some prep work. Most importantly, you need to clean the asphalt and inside the crack. This does not always mean you want to suck everything out the crack. In fact, you might need to add dirt into the crack. If your crack goes all the way through the asphalt, there could be large pockets or cavities underneath the asphalt. So, if you just apply the patch, it will sink into these holes. Basically, you will waste a lot of patch.

It is best to test some of these holes with some sand. If you pour sand into the crack and it falls right through, you should keep pouring it until it start to fill in the crack. Filling these holes with sand is much cheaper than filling them with patch.

Applying the Patch

Once your cracks are ready, you can start to apply the patch. It is important to spread the patch onto the top of the asphalt, and not just within the cracks. You can use a putty knife to spread the patch flat. This creates a strong patch that will completely cover the edges of the old crack. Some people will use tape to mark off straighter lines. This is not necessary, but it could result in a cleaner looking patch job.

Patching asphalt is simple. In the end, it really comes down to the prep work. If you are thorough with your prep, you will end up with a much better patch. Contact a contractor like Sunny Concrete Services LLC for more information on how to mend cracks in your asphalt.