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How Precast Concrete Panels Are Installed

by Milton Myers

Precast concrete panels are used to construct concrete walls. The great thing about precasting concrete panels is that they are created in a controlled environment, so the environment is less likely to introduce the problems. The precast panels can be engineered in a manner that gives the concrete a unique aesthetic appearance. Also, compared with installing other types of walls, the precast concrete panel can be very easy to install. Because they are precast, they can be installed immediately rather than having to wait for the concrete to harden. 

Installing Fence Footings

Fence footings are put in place. The crew must determine exactly where the fence footings should be placed. Augers are used to drill holes every 15 feet or so. The footing forms are laid out. Structural supports are clamped to each of the forms. The forms are then filled with concrete. This is the only section of concrete that must be filled and hardened on site. 

Putting The Panels In Place

It is not necessary to dig in order to put the panel in place. Instead, the panel sits on a footing that is connected by rebar. The panel sits on a concrete base. Notches are placed in the posts in order to hold them more securely in place. The panel can have connections embedded within, which allows for the panel to be more easily erected onto a steel frame. Cranes are sometimes used for installing panels, but they can also be installed using an all-terrain forklift, which is much easier. Once the wall panel is over the steel support, it is adjusted so that it is aligned with a previous panel. The panels are put in place one at a time until they have all been installed. Then, when all of the panels have been put in place, a concrete cap is placed over the panels.

Hiring Concrete Contractors

Precast panels are created at any time before the construction project. They make it possible for weeks or even months to be saved. Projects can be completed more quickly because they are not delayed by weather. Therefore, if you are interested in these benefits, you should contact concrete contractors to find out if they offer precast concrete panels. Rather than pouring your own concrete, hiring concrete contractors who can provide you with precast concrete panels will actually save you money and will also provide you with more flexibility with design.

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