Give Yourself a Beautiful Driveway With Stamped Concrete

Stylish Ideas For Your Concrete Patio Flooring

by Milton Myers

You already know about the great benefits of concrete – it's a durable, low-maintenance material. However, did you know it's eminently customizable as well? Concrete can be made to resemble another material, such as stone or brick, or it can be poured to be decorative on its own. As you plan your patio, include concrete in the mix for stylish flooring.

Mediterranean Inspiration

When you live by the ocean, you simply know how to enjoy the outdoors, right? Even if you're landlocked, channel the carefree nature of a Mediterranean patio by having your flooring stamped and stained to resemble Travertine tiles. Have the contractors use a travertine stamp on the slab and cover it with a stone-textured form liner. From there, stain the floor to look like the buff-colored stones seen in seaside patios of the Mediterranean.

Slate Patio

Another upscale look for the patio is laying natural slate. To replicate this look, contractors should stamp the slab with an Old English slate pattern and stain it slate gray. From there, they use dye for blue and rust highlights. Tan grout lines complete the homey look. A slate-look patio complements most home styles but looks especially fetching with traditional or rustic houses.

Cobblestone Bistro

Bistro patios are a popular choice when your space is limited. A bistro patio gives just enough space for dining and light cooking. Consider a cobblestone look reminiscent of a French café for this patio. As with other stone looks, contractors simply stamp and stain the concrete then add highlights with dyes. Choose a random interlocking stamp pattern for that Old World feel.

Modern Checkerboard

Sometimes leaving concrete looking natural is the best plan, especially when you want it to serve as a counterpoint to another material. The Concrete Network describes a patio made to look like a checkerboard. Concrete squares alternate with squares of turf. The checkerboard patterning echoes next to the walkway leading to the patio as well. Such a patio looks striking with a contemporary home.

Bordered Free Form

Another boon of concrete is that it can be poured into any shape. You can design a freeform patio that fits into your backyard or your outdoor living style. Create a surface that's large enough for your patio furniture and some movement. From there, cut off some corners and extend some arcs for a pleasing shape. Choose a base color for the concrete, and then have contractors border it in a complementary color. For example, start with a tan base, and consider brown or clay coloring for the border.

Let a decorative concrete floor serve as the foundation of your stylish patio.