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How To Use Ready Mix Concrete Patch

by Milton Myers

Ready mix concrete is very convenient for large and small concrete jobs. Many homeowners use ready mix concrete for all sorts of DIY projects and repairs. One of the most common problems that homeowners have with concrete is pressure cracks. These can be caused by expanding underground roots and shifting soil. If you are going to try and use ready mix concrete to fix these cracks, there are some guidelines you should follow.

What to Use

If you need to patch a crack that is less than 6" wide, you will need to use a special kind of ready mix concrete. Look for "ready mix concrete patch." This is sold premixed in large cans or in bags of mixture. The premixed solution, called "ready mixed concrete," is very convenient for small patch jobs. You don't need to worry about getting a 5 gallon bucket and pouring the right amount of water and mixture. However, it is more expensive than using the powder. Regardless of what type of concrete you use for your job, you need to be sure to use concrete patch.

How to Use Concrete Patch

The first step when applying your ready mix concrete patch is cleaning the area. Sweep and scrub the area around the crack. Try to get as much dirt out of the actual crack. The patch will have to overlay several inches of the top of the concrete, so clean that area as well. To spread the concrete into the crack you will need to use a trowel. Pack the patch deep into the crack so it is dense and solid. Then, you need to shape the concrete so there are not edges. This will take some patience as you taper the edge with the trowel. Work quickly, because the concrete becomes harder to manipulate as it dries.

Finishing the Patch

To finish the patch you will need to smooth it out. You can rent a small handheld grinder with a simple concrete sanding attachment. This allows you to grind down any edges and make the patched area as flat as possible. Then, you can seal the concrete with a sealant. If you are trying to match the tint of your existing concrete, you will want to use the appropriate tinted sealant.

When a ready mix concrete patch is properly applied, it will strengthen the slab and instantly make it look much nicer and cleaner. If you don't feel comfortable performing these types of repairs on your own, contact a company such as New Interstate Concrete.