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Holiday Shopping Traffic Ahead: Proactive Ideas Retailers Can Use To Promote Customer Safety

by Milton Myers

The holiday shopping season is a vitally important one for most retailers. In fact, according to recent statistics, consumers spent more than 600 billion dollars during the 2014 holiday season. Many retailers estimate that between twenty to forty percent of their annual sales are recorded each year during the holiday shopping season that typically extends from October through December. Since this level of increased store traffic comes along with winter weather in many areas of the nation, retailers often see an increase in accidents and injuries, along with the increase in sales. If you are a retailer interested in keeping your customers safe during their visit to your store, the following tips will help. 

Inside the Store

An increase in holiday shopping means stocking an increased amount of merchandise for customers to consider. Much of this extra merchandise is likely to be offered only during the holiday season, making it difficult to find space in the store to display it properly. Some stores try to solve this problem by stacking boxes on top of existing display racks, but this can result in customer injuries when the boxes are bumped, causing them to fall onto unsuspecting shoppers.  

To alleviate this problem, consider keeping excess merchandise in the back of the store, and displaying only one of each as a floor sample. Post coupons beside each display item that customers can present and redeem at the service counter for the item they wish to purchase. This will help keep your store more organized, increase interaction between store personnel and each customer and make the entire customer experience a safer, more pleasant one.

From the Car to the Store

Another area that often creates hazards during the holiday season is the retailer's parking lot, especially if the asphalt has become chipped, cracked or uneven. Snow and ice can camouflage these defects by filling in the cracks, allowing customers to trip or fall on the uneven surface, even when retailers take care to have the lot cleared after each snowstorm.

To prevent this problem, retailers should examine asphalt parking lots, driveways and sidewalks for cracks, holes and uneven areas well before the holiday shopping season. In many cases, a reputable asphalt repair professional can repair cracks and small areas of damage. However, if the damage is extreme or covers a large area, it may be necessary to have a new asphalt layer applied (by professionals such as to the entire lot to help avoid injuries during the busy holiday season.