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3 Things You Must Do To Make Your Outdated Basement Safe

by Milton Myers

If you have an older basement, it may not be the safest room in your house. You may not have an escape route in the event of a fire, or you may have exposed pipes that can be very tempting for young children to climb on. Here are 3 things you must do if you have an outdated basement to make it safer to be in.

Install fire escape windows

Your basement should have windows large enough for a person to fit through in the event of a fire. Many older basements have tiny windows that are used simply for light or ventilation, but don't offer an escape route if it's needed. Installing an egress window allows you to be up to code so you can have a few bedrooms in your basement. In order to install an egress window, concrete cutting must be done to penetrate through your walls since concrete cannot be broken easily. A concrete contractor can do this work for you.

Cover exposed pipes

Exposed pipes pose a danger in your basement for a few reasons. They can get very hot or very cold and harm someone when they are touched, and curious children may be tempted to climb on them. Exposed pipes are also more likely to freeze in the winter, particularly if you don't keep your basement heated during the colder months. Consider covering your exposed pipes with insulation followed by sheet rock so they are protected and not left out in the open for people to get harmed by them.

Pad concrete walls

If you have concrete walls, your basement can be very dangerous if someone runs into a wall. Add wall padding (similar to what you would see in a gymnasium) to keep main walls soft and less dangerous if impacted. This is especially important if you plan on using your basement for entertaining, as an exercise room, or as a play area for children. You don't have to place padded panels on all your walls, but adding them to walls directly across from your stairs is a great place to start.

Your basement should be as safe as the rest of your home. If you pad your concrete walls, make sure all your pipes are properly insulated and covered, and install egress windows for an escape route, your basement can become a more useful part of your home. Contact a concrete construction company and upgrade your windows right away as you begin your journey to basement safety.