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How To Apply Epoxy To Your Garage Floor

by Milton Myers

If you are unhappy with your garage's concrete floor, it might need to be updated with a coat of epoxy. Epoxy not only improves the appearance by making it look smoother, but it can also add a protective layer to strengthen the floor. Here are some tips for applying epoxy to your concrete garage floor.

Inspect and Clean the Floor

The epoxy coating will only work if your concrete floor is free of cracks and holes and is thoroughly cleaned. Start this job by removing everything from your garage so that you can inspect every inch of the floor. Look for any cracks, holes or other damage. If you find damage on the flooring, it will need to be filled with a concrete patch filler. If the cracks are severe or the floor is too uneven, contact a professional concrete company, like Hofmann Concrete Construction LLC, to pour a fresh top layer. When you are inspecting the floor, you should also be looking for signs of moisture. If there is a lot of moisture on the floor, the epoxy is not going to stick properly.

Once the floor has been inspected, it is time to clean it. Start by removing dust, dirt and debris with a push broom. Make sure all the dust is outside of the garage and work area. You can also remove loose dirt and debris by using a wet-dry vacuum on the floor. Use a degreaser and stiff brush to remove oil, grease, and other stains from the concrete floor. Rinse the floor well and wait for it to dry before continuing.

Prepare the Floors

There are a few more things you need to do to the concrete floor before you can start adding the epoxy. First of all, you will need to get a rougher texture in order to provide the epoxy a good base. You can do this by using a few different tools. One way is to use a diamond grinder on the floors, which helps to give it that scuffed texture. You can also use a sanding machine or use acid wash on the floors. Once the floor is ready, protect the walls of the garage by adding painter's tape around the bottom edge of the walls where it meets the floor.

Prepare the Epoxy

You are now ready to start getting your floor epoxy ready for application. The best epoxy for concrete is a two-part epoxy which includes a resin and a hardener, also called a catalyst. You need to mix these together right before you apply it. Don't mix it too far ahead of time or it will harden before it is applied. Follow the instructions on the package to mix it, making sure you add an even amount of resin and hardener. Continue stirring them together in a bucket or other container for a few minutes.

Apply the Epoxy

As soon as the epoxy has been mixed, you need to start applying it. You only have an hour or so to apply it, so work quickly. Open the windows and doors in your garage to provide ventilation while you work. Apply epoxy to the edges of the garage floor first by using a paintbrush. Once that has been done, get out a roller and apply the epoxy to the floor starting from the back edge of the garage, and working your way toward the front where the driveway is.

As you move along, roll over the edges of epoxy that has already been applied so it is even and smooth, without missing any spots. If you plan to use two coats, wait several hours before applying the second one.