Give Yourself a Beautiful Driveway With Stamped Concrete

Putting In A Stamped Concrete Patio

by Milton Myers

If you are going to be putting a patio in your backyard, you may want to consider giving it a bit of texture with the use of concrete stamping equipment. Most people will have a professional, like those from Planit Dirt, Inc., install decorative concrete as it is a rather tedious process, but it is feasible to get the look on your own if you know the procedure. The look of stone on your patio is one that is popular among homeowners. Here are some instructions you can use to put a stamped concrete patio in your own yard.

Preparing The Area

You must first clear the area where you intend on placing your new patio. Place a wooden frame along the perimeter of where the patio is going to be poured. Dig the land within the frame down to about six inches in depth and dispose of the soil properly. Pour crushed gravel into the newly formed hole. 

Pouring The Concrete

Most homeowners will have a profession concrete service come to pour the material into place. If you decide to use bags of concrete, you will need to place it in a very large container to mix it with water. You will also need to find a way to pour it into the frame. This can be done in a wheelbarrow, but it would take several trips before the patio area would be filled. Since concrete starts hardening as soon as it is poured, and uneven drying can lead to cracks, it is much easier to pour it all at once with the assistance of a professional.

Stamping The Concrete

After the concrete has been poured, it will start the hardening process, so you will need to work quickly in placing the stamping molds into place. Press a stamper down into the concrete and leave in place. Pick out a different shaped stamper to place next to the first one and push it into place.

Continue the process across the entire length of the concrete. Go back to the first stamper and remove. It will have left an imprint in the concrete. Continue with the rest of the stampers and repeat the process with a new row next to the one you have just completed. After the entire patio has been stamped, it will need to harden before painting.

Painting The Concrete

After the concrete has hardened, it can be painted with concrete paint. To give the look of stone, paint each stamped impression with a medium gray color. Use lighter and darker gray along the edges of each stamped area to give the look of highlights and shadows. After the paint has dried, use a sealant over the entire patio to protect the color.